Spruce Street Espresso is Multiplying

Spruce Street Espresso
will be opening a new location and owners Faith and Betty Ortiz are eyeing up the commercial space in the Oddfellows building (currently being remodeled) at 1201 Spruce Street; a 1500-square-foot first-foor space only one block away from the current location renting at just shy of $4000 a month. (Although the listing was advertised at a lot less, this was only for the back space. Sneaky. Sneaky.) The name of the spot will be quite similar: Spruce Street Espresso Café.  The current location at 11th and Spruce only has seating for 10, but the new locale will quadruple that number, now allowing for up to 40 customers to actually sit and enjoy their coffee.

There will be a new, light food menu as well as goodies from Betty’s Speakeasy and Artisan Boulanger.  As far as coffee/beverages go, Spruce Street Espresso Cafe will still brew Counter Culture beans, but will also have the ability to carry “guest” beans from other roasters. There are a number of corner coffee shops in the area (Last Drop, Village Coffee House and the promise of a Starbucks just around the corner), but Spruce Street Espresso has built an impressive customer base and report within the neighborhood seemingly making the future bright for this new location. Spruce Street Espresso Café is set to open in July of this year. Follow Spruce Street here.