New Tenant Confirmed for Borders Space at Broad & Chestnut

In December, we speculated on the new tenant for the prime retail space at Broad and Chestnut Sts., which most recently held a Borders location for about a decade. And when zoning notices went up on this building last week, we started making some phone calls to find out what was going on.

Great potential

Here’s the text of the zoning application, with some emphasis added. See if you can figure it out before we tell you:

“Accessory to the following: retail sales of groceries, bakery goods & pre-packaged foods & beverages,  accessory photographic processing and printing; take out restaurant with seating (sales & preparing & serving of hold & cold food & beverages in/on disposable ware for eat in & take out  less than 30 seats) w/ garbage disposal in kitchen & interior trash storage  all on the first floor; retail sales of groceries, bakery goods & pre-packaged foods & beverages; take out restaurant with seating ( sales & preparing & serving of prepared hot & code foods & beverages in/ on disposable ware for eat in and take out , less than 30 seats), w/ garbage disposal in kitchen & interior trash storage on second floor; retail sales of fragrances, cosmetics and beauty supplies and general merchandise; beauty salon (hair, nails & facials) & retail sales of related accessories & products; retail sales of magazines, books, appliances & electronics; retail pharmacy (drugs & medicines with accessory nonprescription health products & accessories), consulting room & customer patient examination area (treatment of patients on the third floors), all one tenant.”

Rumors had been running rampant that a Walgreens was in store for this space, and a couple of sources have confirmed this over the past few days. But as the bolded text above would indicate, this will resemble no Walgreens you’ve ever seen. Two small restaurants will be on the premises, along with a hair/nail salon, and a doctor’s office. Previously, one of our commenters directed us to reports about flagship Walgreens (or Duane Reade, same company) locations in Chicago and New York. The zoning application seems to suggest this concept convincingly.

So there you go. No Cheesecake Factory, no American Girl, no awesome laser tag venue.

But then again, haven’t you always wanted to get sushi at your local pharmacy?

Chicago flagship Walgreens, photo from NPR