A new Matthew Izzo location is taking over what used to be the Blue Lotus Gallery located at 111 S. 12th Street. The gallery closed at the end of January and although it’s impossible to see the progress going on within (unless you read his Twitter), Matthew Izzo already has his decals on the windows as well as plenty of teaser flyers.

The boutique will be moving from their Old City location, which was scaled down from their first move (no more salon) and will be scaled down yet again. The new store on 12th will not be carrying housewares or furniture, only men’s and women’s clothing and accessories with a majority of the inventory being for men.

With the opening of the new store, Matthew Izzo is also announcing his excitement that the boutique will be one of the chosen few in the United States to carry Neuw denim; these selected boutiques will be the Australian brand’s first break into the United States. As this new locale has a prime spot in Midtown, it’s a fantastic place for a new clothing boutique, especially Matthew Izzo, a Philadelphia favorite. The new store is set to open by the end of this month.