12th Street Space Stripping Down To Its Raw Form

Coming to the former Blue Lotus Gallery at 111 S. 12th Street is Jar Bar. Based on the Catalyst cleansing system, which is a five-day juice cleanse, Jar Bar will focus its menu on a raw food diet; how trendy of them! Raw foodism (breaking out the technical term) is a lifestyle that promotes only consuming uncooked, unprocessed and generally organic foods. The Catalyst juice system (similar to the haute NYC Cooler Cleanse business) is a series of easily digestible juices you drink for three, four or five days to cleanse your body and restore the energy its been wasting on digesting harder foods. Spicy lemonade and cashew milk are just two of the (gulp) flavors Jar Bar is offering. Catalyst had a pick-up location in Philadelphia before (yet no one seemed to know this) at 1713 Spring Garden Street. Businesses also occupying the ground floor space will be Matthew Izzo and 611 Lifestyle Clothing, with Jar Bar to open in summer of this year.