Yes, More Student Apartments Rising on Cecil B, and Nearby Too

As new student housing has exploded in the area surrounding Temple University, we've seen new attention come to Cecil B. Moore Avenue west of Broad Street. Larger projects, like eight units at 19th & Cecil B, and twenty units at 18th Street are joined by smaller projects, like the faux-mixed-use buildings on the 1700 block. Over the summer, we told you about plans for another biggie on the 1800 block. That project recently got underway.

Twenty units at 18th & Cecil B. The new project is rising immediately to the east.

Corner of Gratz and Cecil B now under construction

According to the L&I Map, this project will include five new buildings, each with four apartments. Each building will also have commercial space that we would speculate will eventually become residential. It's kind of interesting that the developers are going with cinderblock here, as most of the construction we've seen in the area has been stick. Hopefully, the exteriors will have a more unique look than some of the newer buildings in the area, many of which bear a strong resemblance to the first structures we showed you above.

Meanwhile, Gratz Street is also seeing its fair share of development. At 1741 N. Gratz St., a new foundation recently appeared, replacing a vacant lot. Several buildings immediately to the south have gone up recently, with a few still under construction. Across the street, two duplexes have been framed out at 1710 and 1712 N. Gratz St., also two formerly vacant lots.

Construction on the east side of the 1700 block of N. Gratz St. includes a foundation and new buildings

Two new duplexes on the west side of the 1700 block of N. Gratz St.

When will the construction boom slow down over here? When will the supply outpace the demand? For the sake of the developers who are apparently doing very good business and the students who now possess unprecedented choice in the neighborhood, we hope that things keep on rolling over here for years to come.