Triplex Rises on Desolate Block

Almost a year ago, we told that 746 W. Master St., the building that formerly housed the unfortunately named Foot's Star Search Lounge, had been demolished. We learned that a triplex was planned for the location, but wondered whether it would ever get built. Considering the desolate location, it was reasonable for us to be suspicious.

In the past

Vacant lots immediately surround the property in all directions. To the west are elevated Septa tracks, and just a block to the north is a blighted warehouse that we wondered about before. Sure, the mixed-use Paseo Verde is a few more blocks to the north, and Temple is not far away, but this is still a fairly odd spot to reasonably expect to see new construction. Yet when we passed by a few days ago, wouldn't you know we spotted a new building going up?

Under construction

Tracks nearby

When somebody's building in a location like this, we feel just a little obnoxious complaining about architecture. After all, it's almost enough that they're building anything here. But when we compare the new structure with the one that's been demolished, we find the new one severely lacking. With vinyl windows, all stucco, and no cornice this thing looks way more like a rehab than new construction. Hopefully, this project will touch off additional construction in the area. And let us similarly hope that any future construction takes its cues from any other buildings in the area.