About a year and a half ago, we told you about an amazing old building available for sale at the corner of Broad & York and encouraged you to buy it, if you're into that sort of thing. And it's quite possible this story inspired somebody out there, as the building changed hands for $825K in the summer of 2015. When we first brought the property to your attention, we wondered what someone could ultimately do with this property, as it was originally built as the Mikveh Israel synagogue and is listed on the local historic register.

View of the building

View from across the street

It turns out, the folks that bought the building decided to either open a retail store in the building or have leased it out as such. Official Unlimited is a retail store with another location in Willow Grove that sells clothing items from various brands. At their address on North Broad Street, they've taken advantage of the amazing interior of the building to present their wares. The building is divided into two separate rooms, with a small space in the front which we imagine was once a lobby, and a larger space in the back which we have to believe was the sanctuary. Check it out:

Front room

Original windows have been preserved in the former sanctuary

The former ark

Awesome trim above the doors into the main room, and check out those lights!

We regret to say we didn't make any purchases when we visited, but perhaps you will when you stop by at some point to check out this impressively preserved interior.