Like a Broken Record: More Student Housing Coming Near Temple

It seems like every time we venture up near Temple’s campus, there’s some new development to report. We still remember what this area looked like over a decade ago, which makes the last few years all the more amazing to us. Perhaps almost as incredible as the ongoing transformation taking place in this area is that it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

New construction everywhere

1431 N 15th St. will soon represent the latest addition to the student housing glut in this neighborhood. Last week, developers Tejas Properties 2 LLC received approval from the ZBA to replace a large vacant lot with a four-story building that will contain twenty-six new apartments, three parking spots, and ten bike parking spots. Previously, there had been an application for seventeen apartments here that never went anywhere.

The lot

Architecturally, we’re not sure whether the developers will opt for something similar to traditional Philly structures or whether they’re choosing a more contemporary look, like the Modules at TempleTown immediately to the south. We do know that the building will extend all the way to Carlisle Street, which is another change from the previous application.

Vacant lot in the foreground. Will the new building look like anything currently on the block?

What seems certain is that these developers are confident that Temple will continue to grow and that they will find tenants for these new apartments. As we’ve said before, there should be a point at which the apartments outnumber the students, but it seems that point has not yet arrived. Hopefully for these guys, it’s still a few years off.