Large Student Housing Project Getting Framed on 15th Street

Ignoring the occasional giant building built by the university itself and a handful of other exceptions like the buildings at the old Wanamaker School site, most of the new construction we've seen near Temple has been on a smaller scale. Need a new triplex or quadplex? Walk a block or two from Temple's campus and you'll find 'em by the bushel. But today we look at one of the larger new projects we've seen in the area of late, which will contain dozens of units when it's finished.

View of framing last week

We first told you about the project at 1325 N. 15th St., which is being built by Blackstone Development, back in April when it was literally a hole in the ground. The building, which has been dubbed 'The Greenery,' will contain 64 studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units, along with an underground parking garage. Unlike many student housing projects we've seen in this area, the project isn't cramming as many beds into each unit, offering larger units for students to destroy enjoy. There will also be a first floor courtyard area inside the building which will have planters, small trees, and a seating area. Harman Deutsch did the design work.

Project rendering

The quality of design for new student housing in this neighborhood has really been all over the map. But we really like what they're doing architecturally here, as they're preserving the scale of the area with brick on the first two floors before switching to what looks like cement board on the top two levels. Also, the numerous balconies will make for some sweet party decks once students are moved in and school is in swing.

Speaking of timeline, the photo above gives you a pretty good indication that the project won't be done in time for the fall semester of 2014. The developers are hoping that they'll finish the building in time for the upcoming spring semester. The race against the clock has begun, with the weight of hundreds of kegstands in the balance.