Have You Seen The Mutual Trust Company Building on Germantown Avenue?

We don't often find ourselves in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia, which likely explains why we've never encountered 2809 Germantown Ave., a wonderful building originally constructed for the Mutual Trust Company bank.

Amazing building

Another view

Ah, just look at that facade. The columns! The stone work! The cornice! We can only imagine that this building was even more impressive back in the day, though we cannot find any old pictures. Doing some basic digging, we also can't find much information on this bank, aside from the fact that there was another branch, since demolished, at 4th & Market. We're pleased and perhaps a little surprised to see that this building has been spared from the wrecking ball and repurposed into an active church. Considering the fact that the neighborhood is quite rough and the surrounding blocks are rife with blight and vacancy, it's a real triumph that this place has survived the passing decades.

If you ever find yourself in the area, we suggest taking a quick peek in person.