Furious Development Going on West of Temple

On a tip from a reader, we took a trip up to Berks St. and we could not believe our eyes. Construction as far as the eye can see. New student housing popping up all over the place. And not iffy looking, shoddy buildings either- we’re talking high quality, fancy-shmancy places for the 18-22 set, just a few blocks from campus. Some of these houses are built several at a time, others are single-site properties. All are being built within the context of the neighborhood, which means that many are built next to empty lots, abandoned house, and PHA houses. What follows is a short gallery of houses from the 18-1900 blocks of N. 17th and 18th Sts. We think you’ll be amazed also.

Workers standing outside a couple of buildings still under construction
Empty lots on either side
Perhaps not so desirable
At the corner of 17th and Berks
PHA house with the expensive window coverings
Five new ones in a row


Rehabs too!

With such attractive student housing going up here and near Penn and Drexel, it seems like students these days are getting a little spoiled. Eh, who are we kidding? We’re just a little jealous.