Wha? A Restaurant Will Soon Open in the Shadow of the Divine Lorraine?

A building that most recently was an auto tag service center could soon represent the next step in the revitalization of North Broad Street. Sitting directly to the south of the Divine Lorraine, this structure pales in comparison, architecturally. Okay fine. Most buildings in Philadelphia pale in comparison to the Divine Lorraine.

You see what we mean

On a tip from a reader, we dug up a zoning application for 689-95 N Broad St., which was heard by the ZBA at the end of last month. The applicants proposed a take-out restaurant with outdoor seating. We imagine indoor seating was permitted by right, or that would have been on the application as well.

Future restaurant

We have no clue what the future holds for this commercial space, though we do know that the ZBA granted the requested variance. The space could hold something as unexciting as a Subway or a Dunkin Donuts. It could also potentially be a locally owned enterprise, for all we know.

What we do know is that this development is one more positive step for North Broad Street, whoever the tenant may be. Replacing a vacant space with an active business will keep more eyes on the street and should tie in well with whatever developments spring up in the immediate area. When the union offices are completed, this restaurant should do some brisk lunchtime business. And once the Ridge Ave. Shelter closes later this year and that building is redeveloped into housing, this new business should get a nice bump in revenue as well.

Looking south down Broad St.

Has anybody heard about what business is coming into this space? Any locals with high hopes?