Three Homes Appear on Sydenham in Spring Garden

Last summer, we told you that five new homes were coming to the 600 block of Sydenham St., which is part of an easy-to-miss nook in the Spring Garden neighborhood. We first visited this block in 2011, when a row of homes on the 1500 block of Melon Street were under construction. Those homes are finished and sold, and now some new houses are joining the block, which has seen plenty of new construction in recent years.

The little area in question

Newer homes on Melon

For the last few years, the parcels upon which the Sydenham homes are now rising have been used as an informal parking area, ostensibly for folks who live on the block (whose garages suggest that they didn't really need the extra parking all that much). Originally, the developers proposed six homes for 643-53 N. Sydenham St., but reduced the number down to five before getting the necessary approvals.

Under construction on Sydenham

Three of the five are under construction now, with the next two surely on the way soon. The remaining homes will go up just to the north of the homes pictured above, leaving the community garden to the south intact. Like so many of the other homes on the block, these new homes will also have garage parking and a historically compatible appearance. The homes on Melon Street sold in the mid-$500K range back in 2012. We wouldn't be surprised to see these newest homes go for over $600K each.