Spring Arts Condo Project Adds to Building Madness in the Area

Back in August, Spring Arts Condo LLC purchased 603 & 605 N. 12th St. for $230K.

From the past

These two properties sit on a short block of N. 12th St. between Green St. and Clay St., and are surrounded on both sides, inexplicably, by city owned lots. On the plus side, the wonderful Institute sits directly across the street. In the past couple of months, construction has begun at this site, which will soon contain four condos with roof decks, adding to the development boom taking place in the area.

From last week
From a little further away. Note the vacant lots on either side. Thanks Philadelphia!
From right in front of the Institute

And get this, there are zoning applications for the two properties immediately to the east of this development, with plans for a triplex at 1131 Green St. and a single-family home at 1129 Green St.

No rest for the weary

In case you haven’t been following along carefully, look here, here, here, and here for our recent posts about projects within a couple of blocks of this site.

Oh, and let’s not forget Union Transfer. We really like that place, too.