Mixed Use Building On the Way at 10th and Green Sts.

We were in the neighborhood yesterday and spotted a newish construction site at the southwest corner of 10th and Green Sts. The former vacant lot, owned by CJ Property Investment, was purchased about a year ago for $40K and according to the zoning application, will eventually include a commercial space and two apartments above.

The foundation, a few months ago
Yesterday, from afar
A closer look

No word as to what the commercial space will ultimately contain, but it’s definitely encouraging to see a new construction project in this neighborhood that maintains a corner commercial use. Perhaps Graduate Hospital could learn a thing or two? Or at the very least, developers wishing to include commercial space in their future projects can try to find out which bank is financing this particular developer.

The developer, it turns out, owns a couple of other parcels in the neighborhood, and at least one of them is being developed concurrently. Though we may not be mentioning the neighborhood every other day as we were a few months back, there is still plenty of development action going on around here. Who knows, maybe in 2012, we’ll even be able to come to a consensus on what we want to call this area.

But what fun would that be?