Five More Homes Coming to Hidden Spring Garden Block

Over a year and a half ago, we brought the 1500 block of Melon Street to your attention, noting two new homes and three foundations waiting for homes on this little block which dead-ends into Sydenham Street. At that time, we noted the slow but steady development in this little pocket, which has seen at least twenty new homes rise in the last decade. And now, it seems, it’s poised to add five more homes to the block.

The block in question
Homes on Melon
Homes on Sydenham

Yesterday, the ZBA approved plans for five new homes to be built at 643-53 N. Sydenham St., vacant parcels that seem to have been used as an informal parking area for some residents of the block in recent years. Originally, the developers were intending to build six homes on these lots, but revised their plans down to five. Like just about every home on the block, these new homes will also have garage fronts, in case you’re wondering.

The lots, and a couple of cars
View from the north. A little community garden sits just south of where the homes will rise.

According to public record, the lots were purchased by Sydenham Court Associates back in 2004, but it’s unclear whether they are developing the property or someone new has stepped in and public record doesn’t show the ownership change just yet. But from where we sit, the identity of the developers is secondary here. It’s great to see that this pocket will finally be fully redeveloped, and this long-vacant patch of land will be filled in. We’ll be sure to check back here in six months or so to see the finished product, and take in the completion of a decade’s work to transform this wonderful little Spring Garden pocket.