A New Building Will Rise Across the Street From Slowly Crumbling Church

Back in November, we updated you on the demolition of the Ruffin Nichols Memorial AME Church at 11th & Mr. Vernon, a year after it was purchased by developers. That demolition hadn’t really progressed in many months, leaving the former chapel open to the elements, and giving passersby a unique look into a partially demolished former House of God. Recently, however, demolition began again, though it still seems to be moving along quite slowly.

Before demolition
In November
This week

Just a block away from this slowly moving demolition, some long-vacant land is about to be transformed into a new apartment building. ADJ Property Investment LLC purchased the northwest corner of 11th & Lemon back in 2012 for $180K. Not a bad price at all, considering the lot covers about 3,000 sqft. This lot is situated next door to two homes that were built back in 2011, around the same time that a couple of homes were also built on Wallace Street, immediately to the north. The project, currently a giant hole, will bring a large building to a street that’s been crying out for more development.

The new hole and the homes from 2011. Northern side of the church is on the left.
Better view of the hole, with the homes on Wallace in the background.
Looking into the hole

According to the permits that have been pulled, this site will soon contain a new structure with seven residential units. Paul Drzal is the architect for the project, the same guy who did the design for the new homes that will soon go up at 23rd & Carpenter. No doubt, this project is good news for this area, which desperately needs its many vacant lots filled in. Now, as for what will come to the vacant lot immediately to the north, we don’t know just yet. But we’d imagine that soon enough, it too will get built upon. As always, we’ll keep an eye out for anything that comes up.