We never would have visited the bottom of Point Breeze Avenue if a reader hadn't reached out recently, wondering about the huge vacant lot that's located where the road ends at 28th Street. Always down for an adventure, we made the trip down to the area to see what all the fuss is about with this property, which is almost 44K sqft in size. We can't say we found out much.

Huge lot

Investors purchased 2117 S. 28th St. a couple years ago for under $100K and earlier this year listed it for sale for around $600K. On the plus side, the parcel is enormous and would accommodate roughly 120 residential units by right. On the other side of the coin, it's in a location that would probably not support market rate development at this point in time. I-76 is just a couple blocks to the west and the 25th Street viaduct is a couple blocks in the other direction. To the immediate south is a vast PHA development. Thinking about it further, we're not sure that market rate will ever work here, but we could see this parcel eventually getting developed as affordable housing.

PHA homes across the street

Okay, we confess. We buried the lede. If this was all there was to share, we don't think we would have bothered to write a post about this property. But it so happens that we found something hilarious when we were in this area, just behind the large vacant lot, on Snyder Avenue. Was this story just an excuse to share the photo below? Absolutely it was. And we don't feel even a little bit guilty.

Behind the parcel on Snyder Avenue

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