A reader tipped us off about a zoning notice in front of a warehouse at 19 E. Oregon Ave., just to the east of I-95.

Great name

Thomas Colace Co. is a company that processes and distributes fruits and vegetables to food service businesses. They moved from this huge warehouse to Jersey a few years back, and the building was most recently on the market for $1.725M. According to the representative we spoke with at CBRE, the property is currently under contract, though we don’t know the identity of the buyer.

What we do know is that the buyer is proposing a unique new use for the building, according to the zoning application that was granted over the summer. The new concept will include a bowling alley, a bar/restaurant, live music, a pool room, an amusement arcade, and outdoor batting cages. Will this be a Dave and Buster’s? An expansion of an existing chain out of New York a la Barcade? Or a totally unique concept from local entrepreneurs?

Rear of the building. Future batting cages?

We don’t know who’s behind this, but we’re way excited about the concept. We’re not sure exactly how people are going to the somewhat remote location, but we hope they find a way. And they probably will- who doesn’t love bowling?