The other day, a reader gave us the heads up about a couple of zoning notices they noticed at 1715 McKean St., but when we made our way over to check ’em out it was the building itself that really caught our attention. Have you ever seen this place in person?

Awesome building

According to the PHMC Cultural Resources Database, this building was constructed in 1921, and designed by W. Timm. And while it was a very impressive home for Abbott’s Alderney Dairies, it apparently wasn’t their only location in town. A City Paper story from last year (from our old friend GroJLart) tells the tale of another (and also very cool looking) Abbott’s building at 30th & Chestnut. According to that story, Abbott’s consolidated all their operations at 7th & Packer back in 1964, meaning this structure has stood for nearly fifty years after outliving its original use. And we must say, the outside of the building has held up remarkably well.

The cornice

From another angle

The first floor of this excellent structure is currently available for rent for a price of $3,000/mo. According to the listing, the 3,000 sqft space would be suitable for any number of uses, including an “edgy, hipster-style bar or restaurant, dance or yoga studio, photographer’s studio, art gallery, retail store, coffee house or professional offices for doctors, dentists, accountants or lawyers.” Some work has apparently gone into the space in recent years, and the landlords are seemingly willing to do some additional buildout for the right tenant.

C’mon, don’t tell us you aren’t tempted to at least check this place out. And with the South Philly Tap Room just two blocks away, this location isn’t as remote as you might think. Doesn’t Newbold need another bar? Or art gallery? Or dentist office?