Next month, developers will present to the ZBA for a project to build two triplexes in a part of South Philly that doesn’t really see a whole lot of new construction.

The lot

According to the zoning applications, which have been continued at the ZBA a couple of times already this year, the plan is to build a triplex with a parking space at 1926 S 7th St. a triplex with no parking at 1930 S 7th St., and seemingly a vacant lot continuing to be vacant in between. Looking around at this corner, some of the properties look like they’ve been cleaned up in recent years, but not in any particularly aesthetically satisfying fashion.

To the north

Across the street

With Pennsport just a few blocks to the east and Passyunk Avenue a few more blocks to the west, this area could have some potential in the long term. Are these new buildings a peek at what’s to come, or merely an example of a developer that got ahold of some land at a great price and saw an opportunity to build some low-end rentals? We’ll keep an eye over here and see if anything else gets built anytime soon.