Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. But when you think about it, the divisions between those neighborhoods are sometimes quite arbitrary. For example, why does the Graduate Hospital neighborhood run from Broad Street to the river, but the same footprint on the other side of Broad Street include three different neighborhoods? And not to bring up an old question, but what are we supposed to call the Graduate Hospital neighborhood anyway? And don’t say G-Ho.

Further south, things get downright confusing in some parts of town. Pennsport runs from the river to 4th Street and Washington to Snyder Avenue. Dickinson Narrows runs from 4th to 6th Street, Washington Avenue to Mifflin Street. And East Passyunk Crossing picks up at 6th Street and runs to Broad Street. But what about that little chunk of neighborhood between Mifflin Street and Snyder Avenue, between 4th and 6th Streets? We’ve told you before, the Seven Street Community Civic Organization handles zoning matters in this pocket, but we’ve never heard anyone excitedly declare that they live in the Seven Street neighborhood.

All of this is a lengthy introduction for us to tell you that we’ve seen a lot of construction activity in the southern sections of Pennsport, East Passyunk Crossing, and, uh, “Seven Street,” over the last few years, much of which has come from V2 Properties. Many of these homes have been built on uneven blocks that have more than their share of vacant land. It should come as no surprise that the development is starting to spread across Snyder Avenue. Today, we happened upon half a dozen new foundations on the 700 block of Winton Street, which is located in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood, in case you’re curious. These homes will fill in about half of the vacant lots on the block.

Looking east on the 700 block of Winton Street
Vacancy and foundations on the north side
Foundations on the south side

At 710-14 Winton St. and 715-19 Winton St., we’ll soon see six new single family homes. All of these properties are owned by the same developer, Innovative Batim LLC. This developer owns about two dozen lots in this general vicinity, so we expect to see more projects from them in the area in the near future. A few other vacant lots on the block are owned by other developers, so it stands to reason that we could also see more projects on this block sometime soon. Incidentally, V2 Properties owns one of those lots, and they seem to know what they’re doing in this part of town- this makes us think that the developers will find buyers for their half dozen homes with relative ease.