We actually thought we wrote about this project before, but when we were researching our story from earlier this week about three new homes coming to 7th & Morris, we realized we'd never shared the news that new homes are coming soon to the 600 blocks of Moore and Pierce Streets. Currently, 617 Moore St. is a large vacant lot with a huge beer distributor immediately to the east and a bunch of homes to the west.

View of the lot on Moore Street

Beer distributor to the east

Homes to the west

As you can see, the lot extends all the way to Pierce Street. At the end of last year, developers presented plans to the ZBA for nine homes on this property, with four homes and a drive-aisle entrance on Moore Street and five more homes on Pierce Street. The design is pretty straightforward, though we'd bet that the homes splitting the drive-aisle are going to lay out suboptimally.

The view on Pierce Street

Rendering of the homes on Moore Street

When we wrote about the homes at 7th & Morris the other day, we noted that the location was a little funny, not as close enough to Dickinson Square Park or Passyunk Avenue. But as we said at the time, we're seeing increased development in Dickinson Narrows, the neighborhood that splits Pennsport and Passyunk Square/East Passyunk. As both of those neighborhoods have become more desirable, developers and buyers are finding value at the space in between them. At least that's still the case today- it certainly could change in the near future.