Photo courtesy of Paul Gentile

Inmates are moving to South Philly and neighbors are less than thrilled, not only because criminals will be living next to them, but it’s proposed for a space right next to a day care (!). The protesters living in the southwest section of the city near 5200 Grays Avenue have a reason to be upset, given the fact that an inmate could escape at any time. The city needs a place to put these felons because the inmates are not allowed to live in the Philadelphia Housing Authority housing (for obvious reasons). Officials argue (Vision-Nary Community Re-Entry Centers) that having inmates who are first-time non-violent offenders (ones that simply couldn’t make bail) wouldn’t be a problem for the neighborhood. However, the irony of an “okay” inmate is not a good enough reason for the neighbors to let this go down. Isn’t there anywhere else to put a prison? How about all those empty lots we see driving on our way to work? We‘re taking the protester side on this one.  Read more at