Little known fact: It's actually illegal to park your car in the median on South Broad Street.

Normal view at Broad & Mifflin, looking south

Yeah, we know, everyone does it, and they've probably been doing it since well before we were born. But that doesn't mean that the practice should continue. First of all, it looks pretty awful. South Broad Street is one of our major arteries and one of our most photographed streets, and block after block of parked cars in the middle of the street isn't what anyone would call picturesque.

Normal view at Broad & Wolf

Also, it's super dangerous. Despite the traffic lights, South Broad Street feels like a highway at certain points. People are constantly swerving from lane to lane, trying to make lights. And they're probably not paying close attention to whether someone is getting into or out of a car in the median. It's actually amazing that more accidents don't occur on South Broad Street, given the median parking situation. And if you've ever tried to (illegally) park in the median, it can feel like you're taking your life in your hands.

Normal view at Broad & Tasker, looking toward City Hall

For whatever reason, our City decided that it would enforce parking violations on South Broad Street this week, during the Democratic National Convention. Maybe it's because it's a bad look for Philadelphia, perhaps it's to better accommodate emergency vehicles, or maybe it's just an excuse to see whether the world would end if people needed to find other places to park their cars. Well, we're proud to share, for those that weren't aware, that the world hasn't ended. South Broad Street looks downright sharp without all those cars parked in the middle of the street.

Current view, looking south at Broad & Mifflin

Current view, looking south at Broad & Wolf

Current view, looking north at Broad & Tasker

Seeing an opportunity for change, Urbanist PAC 5th Square has crafted a petition to Mayor Kenney, asking him to charge the police and the PPA with the responsibility of enforcing the parking laws on South Broad Street after the Dems pack it up tonight. Seems like a nice idea to us, and there's no question that it would make South Broad Street safer and more attractive moving forward. But will South Philly residents accept it? 

What do you think? No cars in the median on South Broad? Or bring 'em back, there's nowhere else to park? If you'd like to sign the petition, click here.

And as an aside, shouldn't we enforce all traffic laws as a matter of principle?