Back in the summer of 2014, we told you about some new homes under construction on the 400 block of Mercy Street, half a block north of Snyder Avenue. This was a notable development because we don't typically see construction in Whitman, though it's not so far from Pennsport. Maybe a week ago, we found ourselves in that area once again, and came upon some additional development, this time on the 600 and 700 blocks.

Three new homes on the 600 block

Again, it's V2 Properties doing the construction. The three homes on the 600 block, 617, 621, and 629 Mercy St., each have about 1,900 sqft of living space, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms. All are currently listed for $280K. 

Corner of 7th & Mercy

At 7th & Mercy, different developers are building a pair of multi-unit buildings. Permits aren't clear about whether it's two or three units per building, but we'd guess two per building based on the square footage of the land. We'd also bet on rentals here.

Two more homes on the 700 block

On the 700 block, V2 Properties have built two more homes. The near home in the photo above is currently under agreement at a list price of $280K, while the home that's a little further away sold a couple months ago.

New home on 8th Street

Crossing 8th Street, we see another new building at 2020 S. 8th St., this time with a slightly more contemporary design. This place is under agreement at a price of $339K, probably due to the fact that it's being built on a lot that's 20' deeper than the homes on Mercy Street.

It's certainly encouraging to see all this activity in this part of town, which has flown below the radar as development has boomed in other neighborhoods in recent years. As you can see in several of the photos above, there's plenty of additional vacant land to be found on these blocks. And if these developers are able to sell the new homes at their desired prices, look for the other empty lots to start turning over too. Who knows, maybe Whitman will be the next hot neighborhood in town.