The 13,318-square-foot lot on the 300 block of Cantrell Street in South Philly (which right now looks like a city version of the magical oasis David Bowie once ruled in the ’86 classic movie Labyrinth) is about to get a makeover (MOVE. THAT. BUS!). Lancashire Equity, a small real estate holding company and builder, has drawn up plans to build nine two-story, three-bedrooms homes on the 184′ x 69′ lot with a two-car parking lot behind each and a two-sided driveway that will enter the property on either side of the end homes. “Each home will be well-appointed with high end finishes including hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances,” Lancashire says. The homes, financed by Newport Capital, will be super affordable with a price tag in the low $200K and Newport says construction should take no more than two months per unit. Click here to see the site plan. —-Caitlin Connors