Last week, we got the heads up from a reader that five new homes are planned for the 500 block of Hoffman Street. And we confess, when we first saw the email, we weren't so sure about the location of that particular street. Fortunately, Mapquest Google Maps exists, and we quickly discovered that Hoffman Street runs east to west just south of Mifflin Street, disappearing and reappearing as you travel across town. Here's a look at the 500 block:

500 block of Hoffman St.

You can see, it's a bunch of two-story homes, most of which don't look like they've been updated. There's also a fair number of vacant lots mixed in. This block, along with others nearby, falls into a bit of a development donut hole. To the north and east, Pennsport has seen a ton of investment of new construction. To the west, Passyunk Avenue has been a big deal for years, making the blocks nearby very desirable. Honestly, we're not even sure what to call this neighborhood, since we're pretty sure Dickinson Narrows stops at Mifflin Street. Anyone have any ideas?

But let's not forget about the new homes coming to the block:

Current view

Project rendering

Currently, 528-36 Hoffman St. are sitting vacant. But developers have plans for five new homes which are, incidentally, already listed for sale. Here, check out the project website. The homes will each have 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and roof decks (with skyline and stadium views!). The list price is just under $330K, which is a higher price than most of the other new construction in the area. We wonder, will this little pocket, so very close to other areas that are booming, start to see a bump in the coming years? Projects like this would seem to suggest that it's something to keep an eye on moving forward.