Perhaps you remember that the other day, we told you about four homes under construction on Chaucer Street in Packer Park, finding this notable because we don't typically see much construction in this neighborhood. It turned out if you recall, that this construction was only happening because of a fire last year that necessitated replacing the buildings that were here previously. While we were in the neighborhood though, we came upon a row of ten homes just a few blocks away that our foxy-sense told us were quite new.

Geary Estates

The homes in question are on the 1900 block of Geary Street and you would surely agree that they look like they were dropped in from Francisville or Graduate Hospital. After doing some digging around in the trenches of the internet, we discovered that these homes are pretty new to the scene, selling throughout 2013 and into 2014. The price range for these puppies ranged from $450K to almost $550K. In case you don't remember what this block looked like before these homes went up, check this out:

In the past

It seems like this parcel was previously associated with the Holy Spirit Church, which is located on Hartranft Street. We'd imagine that the developers were able to convince to Archdiocese to carve out this chunk of land that was being underused, which surely meant a major windfall. Interestingly, the Church is now listing their former rectory next door for $1M. We'd guess that a developer will eventually snatch up that parcel as well, and an additional row of homes will spring up on this block in the coming years. When more homes start rising, you know we'll be there.