At some point during the spring or summer, the Getty gas station at 21st & Oregon disappeared. This isn't really a big deal, since there's another gas station just two blocks away. But it does lead us to wonder what's happening with the property, which is now sitting vacant.

In the past

Current view

Looking at the L&I Map, we can see permits were pulled to demolish the building and also to remove underground storage tanks. This gives us an indication that there's a decent chance we won't see another gas station show up at this property. The zoning for the parcel is CA-1, a designation we confess we haven't seen so often in our travels. By right, there are a number of legal uses for the property including a personal care home, business and professional offices, a sit-down restaurant, consumer goods, and fortune teller. We'd think that the property would be ripe for redevelopment into a small shopping center, like the building to the west and the property across the street.

Stores across the street

If we're lucky, whatever gets built here will be a little easier on the eyes than the unfortunate structure pictured above. It certainly wouldn't take much.