Will a Big Development in Kensington Portend More of the Same?

We don’t even know what we were doing at 2nd and Oxford Sts. last week, but a rather large development under construction on the southwest corner caught our eye.

From the north
A closer look
Still more to come

RPM Builders LP purchased the lot, which measures nearly 17K sqft, for $450K about a year ago. From what we can gather from the somewhat confusing zoning application, the existing buildings have twelve units and parking spaces between them. The builder intends to start work soon on another phase to this development, with eighteen additional residential units and parking spaces.

From what we can tell, this is one of the most ambitious residential projects to go up in Olde Kensington to date. In addition, with most of the action in this neighborhood taking place closer to Girard Ave., this project could open some eyes as far as potential for development a little farther north in the neighborhood. And with the Crane Arts Building just a couple of blocks from this development and an even bigger project on the way down the street, RPM appears to know exactly what they’re doing.

We’ll be interested to see what this project looks like when its complete, and even more interested to see whether it sets the tone for more development in the area. The northeast corner of 2nd and Oxford Sts. is just waiting…