Two Projects Coming at Opposite Corners of N. American Street

When we told you last week about twelve new units coming to the 300 block of Cecil B. Moore Ave., we didn't think we'd be back in this neck of the woods quite so quickly. But as is often the case, the story inspired a reader to reach out to us with news of other development happening nearby, and when we initially snapped photos we didn't do the greatest job exploring the surrounding blocks. Our bad. So here we are again on Cecil B. Moore Avenue, this time looking at two zoning notices at the intersection with North American Street.

Zoning notice on the southeast corner

Zoning notice on the northeast corner

The zoning notice on the south side is a very straightforward project. Developers purchased 224 Cecil B. Moore Ave. at the end of last year and are looking to build a single-family home on this lot, which is one off from the corner. The project has to go to the ZBA because the parcel is zoned for industrial use. This makes sense, as it's almost on N. American Street, but on the other hand it's not even 1,000 sqft in size, and we're not sure what kind of industrial user would be able to do anything with such a small parcel. 

The proposal for the northeast corner is perhaps more interesting, and certainly of the larger variety. The zoning application indicates that the developers want to build a four-story building at 219-225 Cecil B. Moore Ave., with commercial on the ground floor and 6 apartments upstairs. In July, the Star published a story describing the project in different terms, indicating 2 ground-floor retail spaces with 6 commercial units on the upper floors. That's not the same thing as apartments, and it doesn't seem the application has changed, so at this point we don't know what to expect here. In many ways, the commercial application on the upper floors makes some sense, given the nature of American Street.

Looking north on N. American Street

Looking south on N. American Street

But we're not picky here, whether it's commercial units or apartments, we'll just be happy to see another vacant lot developed in South Kensington, especially one that's this far to the north on American Street. What kinds of businesses do you think could make it work on the upper floors of a building at this location? Artist studios? Anything else?