Two Homes Planned for Lot Next to Bodega on Master Street

It's more infill development in South Kensington to share as the "build wherever you can" motif continues to transform old out of date garages and vacant lots into residential units. This time, developers have taken two lots next to a bodega where Palethorp hits Master Street and they're rearranging lot lines to build two single-family homes.

Current view

Right now, 180 Master St. is definitely a buildable lot, measuring 17' wide by about 53' deep. 1349 Palethorp St. presents a bigger challenge, as it's an unusual 36' wide and only 17' deep. But if you move the lot lines around, you can slightly reduce the footprint of the corner property and extend the Palethorp property to allow for two reasonably sized lots and eventually homes. It's common sense stuff really. Both lots were acquired in January of this year by Infill Ventures, a most fitting name, for about $125K together. Interestingly, the lots were previously owned by two different parties who were able to coordinate the sales of their separate lots, probably resulting in higher sale prices for both.

It's understandable what drew developers to the site. The property is less than a ten minute walk from the El station at Front & Girard, and the booming Frankford Avenue is even closer. Within the neighborhood, Reanimator Coffee opened recently at 310 Master St. in an old warehouse, so your coffee needs are covered. And to get there, you'd have to walk by the Crane Arts building on American Street. But the real big deal on the horizon, if it ever happens, is Soko Lofts, which would rise just half a block away. Though the construction would be a bear to live through, the transformative nature of that project would probably make it all worth it.