Oops, Seven More Homes Coming in Western South Kensington

Just yesterday, we were telling you about five new homes coming to 6th & Jefferson, and we wondered whether we'd soon see other projects nearby, in the western section of South Kensington. It didn't take long. Shortly after our post went up, a reader gave us the heads up about some ongoing demolition at 528 W. Oxford St., just a block away from the upcoming five home project. In the past, this corner featured a rough looking one-story garage and a building that was originally the Kindsvater's Hall. We can't seem to find any info about its history, except that it's been vacant for quite some time.

In the past

Heavy equipment is on the site and all of these buildings are now getting torn down. Developers bought the large property about a year ago, paying $336K. Because the property is zoned for a combination of industrial and commercial use, they needed to go to the ZBA for their plan to build seven homes here. A site plan from the Zoning Archive shows us that the new homes will have frontage on Oxford Street.

Crappy building at the corner

Nicer building on Oxford is getting demolished

With approvals in hand from the ZBA, they're now moving forward with the demolition. Soon enough, that effort will be finished and they'll get started on building a row of new homes here. The expected price point around the corner at 6th & Jefferson is $325K, we wonder whether this project will push up the desirability of the area and increase the prices for the homes for both projects. It certainly bears watching.

Are there other nascent projects in this part of the neighborhood that we should know about?