Future of 1700 block of North Howard St. More Interesting Than We’d Realized

A couple of weeks ago, we profiled K’House, a proposed cohousing project from Indy Hall, which will be constructed on the 1700 block of N. Howard St. While we were up there snapping pictures, we noticed a sign on the corner, at 1703-05 N. Howard St., promoting First Steel, a new project from Postgreen.

The currently vacant lot

Proposed and listed back in May, First Steel will be two houses with corrugated metal facades, Postgreen’s typical eco-friendly design elements, and large rear yard spaces. This project is notable both because of the homes’ very unusual (for Philly) look and the fact that they will act as additional infill on a block that seems to be headed in the right direction.

K'House will be in the lot just to the left of the blue house
At least the doors will have some color!
Site plan. Some big yards.

Both homes will feature 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, tremendous energy efficiency, and plenty of customizable options. The larger home will have about 1700 sqft of living space and is listed at $325K, while the smaller one will have about 1400 sqft of living space and is listed at $299K. We haven’t heard much about this project since its announcement in the Spring, and we’re guessing wildly speculating that the developer is holding off on construction until at least one of them is presold.

So… who’s interested? Maybe the K’House people will even let you use their sweet commercial kitchen every now and then.