Funky Looking House For Sale in Kensington

We’ve had our eye on this home for awhile, watching with interest as the unique-looking place has been under construction. Last month, 245 W. Jefferson St. went on the market, and is currently listed for $340K.

Cool looking

The home was constructed by Continuum Environments, LLC, who are referring to it as the “Hush House.” The home offers about 1,600 sqft of living space, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has numerous green features, including solar-ready electric service, a tankless hot water heater, eucalyptus floors, reclaimed materials, Energy Star appliances, dual flush toilets, efficient windows, and a rain water harvesting system. It also includes a green roof garden and a balcony off the corner of the home.

Sticks out some

The developers are not only offering a home that provides environmentally friendly details, but they’re clearly making a statement, architecturally. Like many other homes that have been built or are being planned in this neighborhood, the Hush House makes little effort to fit in with the existing housing stock. Following the lead of nearby Northern Liberties and taking a different approach from many builders Graduate Hospital, the developers constructed a house that demands to be noticed. And that’s cool, because we definitely noticed. Months ago.

Three months ago

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get inside the house sometime soon and see whether it’s as different inside as it is out.