Eighteen New Homes Proposed in South Kensington

On this week’s zoning docket, a proposal came down the pike for a long vacant, enormous parcel in South Kensington, close to all sorts of other development that’s been going on in this area. The lot, 171-79 W Jefferson St., has been available for sale on and off for the past several years, most recently listed at $699K. The owner, incidentally, bought it at sheriff’s sale in 2002 for $18,700. The property is under contract, though we couldn’t tell you with who or at what price.

The lot
The rest of the lot

According to the zoning application, the developers intending to purchase this parcel wish to subdivide it and build eighteen three story single family homes, each with roof decks and parking. We would imagine that nine of the homes will front Palethorp Street, and nine of the homes will front Hancock Street. An easement that provides driveway access to the homes would, ostensibly, come out onto Jefferson Street.

Across the street

Directly across the street is the rear of Saint Michael’s Rectory, which fronts 2nd Street. Behind the brick wall you see above is a cemetery. On a less scary note for children who might eventually reside here, a ball field is located on the opposite corner.

Southeast corner of Jefferson & Hancock

We’ve covered numerous other projects ongoing in this neighborhood, and this is just one more addition to a growing development picture. These homes would be just two blocks away from the huge Oxford Street development that we told you about last week, and are, of course, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from amenities in Fishtown and Northern Liberties.

It’s great to see one more vacant parcel in this neighborhood on the way to being filled in with new development.