A Block of Germantown Ave. is in Transition

Over the summer, we directed our gaze to the 1400 block of Germantown Avenue, lamenting its poor state but looking toward an improved future. Though the block is still pretty much a disaster, you can actually see the progress taking place is you pass by today. In general, the block is humming, with several different projects taking place at the same time.

New framing

In June, we told you about a proposed five-home development at 1404 Germantown Ave., which was at that time a vacant lot. Back then, it had been continued by the ZBA. By July, the project got approval. And in the last couple of months, construction began. You can see, two of the five homes are being framed out now. Additional homes will follow.


Up the street, several blighted properties are in the process of being demolished. As these images are a couple of days old, you'd have to imagine that the demo process has gotten even further along at this point. 1428 Germantown Ave., which looks like it's had some work done in recent years, won't be coming down. As for what's next, we couldn't tell you. No permits have gone out for the properties currently being demolished. But their disappearance will improve the block and you'd have to think that something will soon replace them.

New foundations

On the northern end of the block, we came upon five new foundations. This was also previously a vacant lot, and now five homes are being built. As we told you before, these five homes, designed by KJO Architecture, were already approved as of the summer.

Five more homes coming soon

Maybe six more months from now, we'll visit this block again and provide another update. It's a safe bet that it will be much improved, like so many others in the neighborhood in the last few years.