The excellent and adorable Lil’ Pop Shop hasn’t even been open for a year in its West Philly digs, and is already eyeing a second location. According to Michael Klein, the store, which sells artisanal popsicles made from fresh and local ingredients, will soon be taking over 534 S. 4th St., which was most recently home to

West Philly location

Future spot one door off of South Street

In West Philly, Lil’ Pop Shop has had great success catering to Penn students as well as the Penn Alexander set. In the new location, the store will more often be serving tourists and high school kids, and competing with Rita’s, Phileo, and Haagen Dazs, all located within a couple of blocks. But we’ll put our money on the success of this little popsicle stand that could- with faith that a superior product will reign supreme over the competition.

No word on the hours that will be kept at the new location, but we’re picturing a new trifecta between Lil’ Pop Shop, Jim’s, and the soon-to-be-reopened Lorenzo’s for the go-to late-night treats after a long night at… whatever bar the kids are hanging out at on South Street these days. Little help?