Today, we have a couple of non-updates on projects we’ve been eyeing at the intersection of 6th & Lombard. Looking at the southeast corner, we see some improvements over, say, a year ago.

In the past

Recent shot

As you can see, the property one off the corner has been demolished and rebuilt, which we last told you about back in October. You may recall, both buildings were owned by Mother Bethel AME, a church located on the northeast corner of this intersection and had been blighted for years. From what we understand, the proceeds from the sale of the now-rebuilt building are going to the renovation of the corner building, which we also mentioned in October. Sadly, it seems that no progress has taken place on the corner in the past six months. But soon enough, we’d imagine.

Looking just a little bit up the street, a small parking lot at the corner of 6th & Addison has not changed one bit since we told you about plans for it over a year ago.

6th & Addison lot

At the time, developers were hoping to construct two single family homes with garages on this lot. The ZBA shot down the plan, however, and the lot has remained as it was. Permits are on the lot now, subdividing it from the four-apartment home in front of it, but no building plans have emerged to our knowledge as of yet.

Hopefully, the next time we check in on this intersection, the planned triplex will be on its way at the corner, and something better than a surface lot will be making its way to 6th & Addison.