Spike TV recently ordered 10 episodes of the new series Bar Rescue, the Kitchen Nightmare-esque show for bars in need of a major rehaul, and host Jon Taffer is setting his sites on one bar per episode. The associate producer of Bar Rescue, Heather Gordon of 3 Ball Productions, contacted us to let us know that Philadelphia’s Downey’s Irish Pub will be closed today as Taffer and the Spike crew have taken over for the 24-hour transformation. “We are remodeling all today, and tomorrow is the grand reveal,” says Gordon. “It’s absolutely insane here.” Gordon warned us that no photos will be allowed tomorrow (as there should be no spoilers for the July airing of the episode), so we took our little fox self down to see what we could find. Check it out for yourself or head over tomorrow at 8:30pm to see the changes (which include, according to Gordon, an all-new menu, drink specials and traditional Irish whiskey selection) and meet Taffer, chef Brian Duffy (who has opened more than 27 restaurants in Philly) and Village Whiskey’s Keith Raimondi, whiskey expert for Jose Garces. “Watching Gordon Ramsay harangue people on his Kitchen Nightmares Fox series makes me want a drink,” says Bill Dowd of TimesUnion.com. “I wonder if a new Spike TV series called Bar Rescue will make me want a sandwich.” —-Caitlin Connors