What’s Replacing Ted’s Montana Grill?

Though you’ve probably already heard, Ted’s Montana Grill, located at Broad and Spruce Sts., closed about a month ago. The upscale grill was exposed back in March for having mice (one of the critters was conveniently near a street-side window when the Inside Edition’s Rat Patrol was doing their investigating). Although most people know, and maybe understand, that this is a city and most restaurants have probably seen a mouse or two (we just don’t want to see them as consumers), this may have tarnished to Ted’s reputation somewhat. We imagine this had little to do with the restaurant ultimately closing.

Former space

After all, it wasn’t just the Philadelphia location that was suffering; Ted’s actually shut down nine of their establishments throughout the country in recent months. According to George McKerrow, one of the chain’s owners, the past few years have been among the worst he could remember for the restaurant industry.

Upon the restaurant’s closing, public speculation began regarding a replacement.

Naturally, The Cheesecake Factory came up as a possible tenant. We could totally see a Cheesecake Factory at this location and believe it would really do well (everyone knows that the theater crowd LOVES The Cheesecake Factory). Within a day or two, Michael Klein passed along the nugget that Italian Bistro, formerly a stone’s throw away near the corner of Broad and Walnut Sts., will likely take over the space.

Former Italian Bistro space, back in September. Demoed by Ted Turner?!?!

As you might remember, Italian Bistro was booted from their old space by University of the Arts, and the owners promised their faithful patrons that they would soon relocate. Well, what better (closer) location could they ask for? According to Klein, the name of the new restaurant will be Fratelli’s Italian Bistro. While we’re not certain that the deal has been finalized, we hear they’ve already hired a Maitre D.

You boys like tongue?

–Kaitlin Bostwick