Tangier Will Disappear

Tangier, a quintessential neighborhood bar, has been a stalwart at 18th & Lombard for decades, weathering waves of change in the neighborhood. For many years, the building stood as an island, with a large surface parking lot next door. Last year though, a row of new luxury homes appeared on the block, thankfully replacing the lot. And now, it seems, the bar is being replaced as well.


New homes next door

According to Foobooz, the business was recently sold, though it will remain in operation through August. The buyers may be the family that owns Old Nelson, a small chain of delis. Some of thier locations sell alcohol, so it's a safe bet that the Tangier's replacement will do the same. While the sale of beer would obviously be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, we confess we would find it a little odd for another deli to appear here. Remember, Food & Friends can be found at 20th & Spruce. Palm Tree Market opened relatively recently at 20th & Pine. And there's a supermarket just a few blocks north as well.

But musing about its replacement shouldn't take away from our sadness at the news of a long-established business closing its doors. Since you still have a few months til they're gone forever, might we suggest stopping by soon and prehumously (to make up a word) pouring one out for Tangier. Seems like the right thing to do.