It seems we've been waiting for the redevelopment of the northwest corner of 17th & South forever. It was almost three years ago that we first broke the news that a four story mixed-use building would be replacing a vacant lot at this site. Then there was a whole lot of nothing while the developer, ZBA approval in hand, dealt with neighbors who were appealing the zoning variance. Finally, earlier this year, construction got underway. But for the last couple of months, construction has been halted, prompting several readers to reach out to us for the scoop.

Constructus interruptus

And we're sorry to say, we don't know what's up here. While our parent company was the broker on the project a few years back, it's no longer involved. Any ideas on the reasons for the stalled construction are speculation- it could be financial issues, legal matters, or simply a matter of bandwith for the developer. Or something else, we just don't know. Whatever the reason, the site looks pretty awful right now, with graffitti covering the fences around the new building. Though we will say, it looks better than it did several weeks ago, when the fences were on the ground and the site was open to anybody walking by.

In case you don't remember, this will eventually be nine residential units and a 7-11 on the first floor. That is, assuming the lease agreement accounts for a looong turnaround until the space is ready. Is it bad that we're hoping it doesn't?