Rumor Mill: Tenant Found For Dollar General?

A year and a half ago, we brought you the news that the lease would soon expire for the Dollar General at 23rd & South. Yet with 2012 having come and gone, and over half of 2013 now expired, the store persists, as it has for many years. So… what gives?

Dollar General

Back when we first brought you the story, we wondered about what could ultimately fill this 5,200 sqft space successfully. Commenters suggested restaurant concepts, retail concepts, subdivision of the space, a beer store, a liquor store, and demolition of the existing building and its replacement with a taller mixed-use structure. From what we understand, the reason that Dollar General has remained all these months is that the owners of the property have been unable to find the tenant they want at the price they desire.

Fortunately for them, South Street West has only gotten more desirable as the months have gone by, with numerous businesses opening all over the corridor. Nearby, the wildly successful City Fitness has been thriving for the last year and a half, the Igloo opened its doors a few months ago, and Rita’s is still on the way. And have you seen the lines at Honey’s?

Catharine Thorn Fountain across the street

So what are hearing about this space? Well, let’s just say it will not fill any needs in the neighborhood whatsoever but will still be extremely popular and successful. It’s a national chain that thrives on lots of transactions and requires plenty of foot traffic. It’s based in Seattle. Give up? It’s Starbucks, of course!

We still don’t have confirmation on this one, but once we get it, we’ll update the story. In the meantime, Frappucinos for all!!!