Ruben Amaro Jr. Strikes Again: Trades Dunkin Donuts for Crumbs Bake Shop

As you may recall, a couple of months ago we sarcastically ranted about the impending addition of another Dunkin Donuts to the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Whelp, D&D was rejected last month by the ZBA due to what we understand to be neighborhood opposition, so the future was seemingly up in the air for this high-potential corner space at 18th and Moravian Sts.

Vacant forever?

But wait! According to sources, a new retail establishment has signed a lease for the space. Drum roll please… okay, the suspense was spoiled by the title of the post… Crumbs Bake Shop! Crumbs, the eight-year-old company out of New York City, was recently listed on the NASDAQ (CRMB) and has plans to expand to 200 locations by 2014. There are currently thirty-seven locations, mostly on the east coast. Aggressive expansion strategy.

We’re generally a little skeptical of America’s recent cupcake obsession; seems like a fad, no? But cupcake places keep opening up and people keep on buying cupcakes- so we’re either looking at a very stubborn fad or a trend that’s sticking around for at least a little while. And if you’ve ever tasted Crumbs, you’re probably not complaining too much about this new addition. Even if they are from New York.

And then there's this: Collossal Cupcake. Feeds 6-8 people. A mere $42.