New Pure Fare Location Coming to South Street West

As we were walking over to Quick Fixx the other night for some quick but delicious dinner, we noticed some new signage at 1609 South St., most recently home of Pumpkin Market. You may recall, this business moved across the street to 1610 South St. a couple of years ago, consolidating with another Pumpkin enterprise, resulting into a combo market/cafe. Since then, the space has sat vacant. But not for long.

From the west
Closer look

Your eyes don’t deceive you. Pure Fare, the casual take-out place at 21st & Walnut, is opening a second location on South Street West. This new location will obviously be smaller than their first place, with room for up to fifteen people inside. There will be some seating, and the same coffee and juice bar that you’ll find at their original spot, but no food prep onsite, from what we understand. The plan is to use the 21st & Walnut location as a commissary, and have lots of prepared foods ready for people to pop in and run off on their way.

Current blight, future development site

This is just the latest dose of good news for this block of South Street, which should be getting an anchor retail space at 1612-16 in the coming year. And with Magpies and Miles Table also on the way, the 1600 block could soon approach the 1500 block in terms of food retail mix.

According to a source at Pure Fare, they should be opening their new location in the next two weeks.