New Home Replaces Tiny Home Near Grays Ferry Triangle

Today, we passed by a new home that's under construction at 503 S. 23rd St., less than a block from Catharine Thorn Park.

Current view

Interestingly, it seems like the property is owned by a church with a mailing address in DC, which has owned the property since 1997. That remains the case, unless public record is taking a really long time to update the new ownership info. Meanwhile, the new home seems really appropriate for the location, given what was here before.

In the past

Sure, the little home the was set back from the sidewalk was more interesting than the home that's under construction will be. But that's progress, right folks?

We'll be interested to see whether this new home will be sold (seems likely) or rented. Also, we're very curious to know whether its still owned by the church or whether some unnamed developer is behind the construction. Does anyone who lives nearby have any insight into the project?