Heads & Tails Opens Off the Square

Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique has just recently opened in Rittenhouse at 265 S. 19th St., just south of Rittenhouse Square.  The beauty boutique replaced what was formerly Gayer Hair Pieces, maintaining a similar theme at this location, but with perhaps a more easily marketable name.  While some may assume, like we did, that “beauty boutique” encompasses all of the services of a regular salon, this is actually a bit different.  This locale specializes in blow-outs (not just the kind you see on Jersey Shore), specialty hair treatments and also in waxing, but you won’t be walking into a floor full of hair, as cuts aren’t a part of their services.  Co-founders Dana Morrison and Jenne Doyle are the masterminds behind this quaint little spot in the heart of Rittenhouse and both possess plenty of experience in the beauty industry.

Looks nice

This is different than other concepts that we’ve seen come into the area lately, and with a prime location that gets plenty of foot traffic, we’re thinking that this will become a destination spot for the woman of Center City who are in need of a little pampering.  Heads & Tails claims to offer phenomenal services without the Rittenhouse price tag and according to those who have been able to drop by the new beauty boutique so far, they’re speaking the truth.  We wonder if this kind of place will catch on and we’ll be curious to see if any more pop up in Philly. In the meantime, we might just have to check it out ourselves…

Interior shot from their website. Ooh la la!

–Kaitlin Bostwick