English Village Homes Impress and Confuse

Just south of the bustling intersection of 22nd and Walnut Sts., where we often find ourselves purchasing gas (and now sushi!), an unexpected oasis elicits vibes of 17th century England. Saint James Place, a pedestrian-only half-block that consists of twenty-four Tudor-style homes on the 2100 block of Saint James Street, jars the senses of passersby and passers through alike. It was constructed around 1928, and was designed by Spencer Roberts, according to Philadelphiabuildings.org.

Take a look:

On the right

From 22nd St

Helpful signage and greenery
Looking east. The sounds of the all birds is almost overwhelming.
End of the block. On the other side of the arch is Van Pelt St.
Standing in the archway, looking west
Looking west, a few steps away from the arch. Just gorgeous.

As you might expect, these homes don’t turn over too often. In the last decade, only four of the homes have changed hands, the least expensive of which selling for just under $500K in 2005. We suspect the people who live on this street enjoy living there as much as we enjoy walking through.

Check it out sometime- it’s one of Center City’s hidden gems. And if you really love it, some of the homes are rentals and they do come up every now and then.